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Main Stream Media is not playing fair.  They treat republicans very badly with lies and misinformation. They refuse to let republicans present their ideas to the public without a biased slant. When attacked, the media does not allow republicans equal access to respond.

Idaho Speaks stands to level the playing field. Our goal is to create the largest republican media outlet in the state of Idaho and give republicans a fair chance to reach the voters with their ideas.

Idaho Speaks does not endorse republican candidates; we talk with republican candidates. We don’t tell you, the Idaho Voter, who is a real republican or who isn’t.  We interview ALL registered republicans and given them a chance to share their vision.  You, the Idaho Voter, can make the best decision for the state based on the ideas and vision you hear from candidates on the program. is organized in a way to give you a searchable index of past candidate and issue interviews. You can search by topic, candidate, or elected office.

We need financial assistance to do this…we need your help to cover the costs of running a media company. Below we’ve included eight buttons: Four options for making a monthly contribution and four options for making a one-time contribution. Click one of those buttons, enter your credit card info in our secure online payment gateway, and help Idaho Speaks give voice to Republicans throughout Idaho!

If you would rather cut out the credit card company all together, then please consider writing a check payable to Zenith Exhibits, Inc. and mail to 1570 W Columbus Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. Please add Idaho Speaks to the memo line.

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Zenith Exhibits, Inc. is my business name and we use Stripe for payment processing.  You can cancel your subscription at anytime.  You can call me anytime you have a concern at (208) 209-7170.  My business address is 1570 W Columbus Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815. and www.ZenithExhibits.Studio

Who is Zenith Exhibits, Inc. Zenith Exhibits, Inc. is my company. I incorporated on January 7, 2007 as an S-Corp to provide liability protections inherent in my type of business—trade show and digital marketing. We are licensed with the state of Idaho, listed on Dunn & Bradstreet.  

Idaho Speaks is not the only podcast production I’ve created. I am looking to replicate this model in as many states in America as possible so that republicans everywhere have a chance to be heard.