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Are you tired of the cancel culture?  Me too!

Main Stream Media and even elected representatives are now cutting out the voters, they no longer feel compelled to talk directly with the voter.  Look how many candidates skips statewide debates this past election cycle!

Idaho Speaks exists to give you, the Idaho Voter, more information from which to make your voting decision.  It is not my position to suggest to you HOW you should vote, but equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision you can.

I believe the republican platform is the best platform and voting for conservative values essential to the future health of our state.  I don’t interview democrats running for partisan offices.  You can get plenty of info about democrats from the local newspaper.  It is the republicans who are being censored and silenced.

It requires financial support to provide this type of media company.  The Woke Culture in our state scares businesses from openly advertising on a program like this, so it means I need to ask you for some financial support.

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Thank you for any support you can give!

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.
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