You Cannot Fact-Check Truth


As the Biden Administration and Big-Tech Companies continue to crusade against what they call “misinformation” with “fact-checkers”, it is crucial that we each understand why no government nor any other human institution can objectively distinguish between truth and fantasy. This is because facts are not truth; truth is always derived from a leap of faith beyond provable reason. This is what gives faith power; our belief.

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  1. Todd on August 22, 2022 at 4:54 pm

    Facts deal really only in mathematics. That in life that can be strictly quantified.

    Truth deals in meaning and value of observable along with many other additional elements.

    One of the major critiques that Jose Ortega y Gassett made is that facts are essentially programed by vital humans. So that there is no objectivity in the fact gatherers. Their own “truth” or what they believe is always hidden within their “facts”. Fact gathering is at best simply a math tool to check consistency of view or argument. Of course major inconsistency can negate but such “fact” gathering can really never show truth.

    The deeper point in Ortega is that what is called today subjective view point is extremely critical in humanity. Ortega tried to make the point by calling it vital reason. Or better truth (beliefs) that lead to vital human experience and existence. The confusion of objective and subjective reality is at much of the core of the problems we face. By conflating these two and placing objective in some superior status we allow for many forms of dictatorship of the mind. “truth” and “facts” are utterly different categories. This confusion is the very source used by communists to discredit all religion. All dictators claim that their truths must be accepted as facts in order to impose their beliefs upon others by force instead of by genuine vital conviction.

    I could have a lot more to say on this important topic. But will leave it at this. The distinction between vital truth and datum facts is one of the areas I have spent a lot of time thinking and studying. If our future is to be secured it must be secured on vital reason not objective facts. Vital reason is what you have called truth. Unfortunately by intentional mis-education current society is ignorant of the distinctions that a vital cultural and religious being would have afforded us.

    We are actually better off with common sense than “facts” of datum. Common sense is when the higher pursuits of truth or vital reason have become more common place wisdom. Still not really truth of the order to create meaningful life but far better than Datum. It is why during times like this that there is often a back to nature “common sense” movement. What is needed however is a deeper pursuit of vital truth and vital meaning based upon the circumstances and times we happen to find ourselves in. This is what Christian protestants have historically named “calling”. It is the pursuit in both though and action of a God directed life. Or a life lived in vitality to self and other.

    My 2 cents anyways. Hope you found some value in my reply to your sent thought on truth and fact.

    The greatest propagandists of history all used this flaw in humanity to gain power. Why have to defend ones position when you can rig the numbers and just yell loudly “follow the science” or “follow the numbers”. After all Hitler claimed to have science and numbers behind him with the death wrought about Jews by claiming essentially Evolutionary truths as facts.


Ralph Ginorio

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