What is a Gryoper?

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Summery / Comments:

Summer and John explain what a gryoper is and why you need to be aware of them.

Wikipedia on Groypers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groypers

Expanded episode summary: The discussion involves Summer Bushnell and John Bushnell talking about the phenomenon of “groypers,” which refers to a group of white nationalist, far-right activists, and internet trolls attempting to introduce far-right politics into mainstream conservatism in the United States. The hosts discuss their perspectives on this group, potential issues associated with them, and how they view the relationship between these individuals and conservative values. They highlight concerns about dishonesty, deception, anti-Semitism, and disruptions caused by some groypers in their local community. The hosts express the need for prayer and understanding towards individuals involved in this movement, emphasizing the potential for redemption and change.

The learn more about Summer and The Bushnell Report, please visit thebushnellreport.com.  You can also find The Bushnell Report on Facebook by visiting facebook.com/thebushnellreport.


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Summer Bushnell