Unmasking Progressivism: The ‘DREAMers’ of Modern Politics and the Idaho Standoff


In this episode of Idaho Speaks, the host explores the modern political landscape, reflecting on the evolution of the Democratic Party and its alignment with progressivism. Drawing from a 2017 American Thinker article by Brian C Joondeph, the host presents the idea of ‘DREAMers’ as the drivers of the progressive movement, an acronym for Deep State, Republican #NeverTrumpers, Entertainment industry, Academia, and Media. The discussion then shifts to local politics, scrutinizing the North Idaho Republicans’ actions and mission statement, questioning their democratic process, family values, and stance on education. The host concludes emphasizing the fight against the deeply embedded progressive ideology rather than individuals or a party.

Link to original American Thinker Article by Brian C. Joondeph:  

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I am a Christian, husband, conservative, small business owner, dog lover, and fellow Idahoan. I believe in freedom of speech and the idea of American Exceptionalism. It is my cause to fight Big Tech and Mass Media censorship and create a media where conservatives ideas and voices can be freely heard.