The Future of Kootenai’s Open Spaces: A Talk with Commissioner Bruce Mattare



In this insightful episode of Idaho Speaks, we sit down with Commissioner Bruce Mattare to discuss the urgency and importance of the Open Space & Park Development Bond in Kootenai County. As one of the most rapidly expanding counties in the Pacific Northwest, Kootenai faces pressing challenges and opportunities regarding land preservation and development.

Key Points:

Historical Perspective: The Rathdrum Prairie’s Significance – Commissioner Mattare traces back to 2008 when county officials first recognized the pressures of growth on the Rathdrum Prairie. They saw the looming threats to the drinking water supply and anticipated transportation and infrastructure issues.

The Current Challenge: With a decade of even more intense growth, the stakes have risen. The county’s open spaces, which many residents treasure, are under threat from development.

Voters’ Decision: Kootenai County Commissioners believe in a democratic approach, putting the choice in the hands of the citizens. The bond proposes to tackle traffic and congestion issues, create more parks, connect recreational trails, and safeguard the precious drinking water supply by acquiring land above the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.

Economic and Social Implications: Beyond the environmental concerns, Commissioner Mattare emphasizes the broader implications of the bond for the county’s social fabric and economic well-being.

Call to Action: Every vote counts! The Commissioner stresses the importance of community engagement, urging residents to be informed, proactive, and to exercise their democratic right in this crucial decision for the county’s future.

Kootenai County stands at a crossroads. The choices made today will shape its landscapes, communities, and quality of life for generations to come. What are YOUR thoughts on this topic?  You can call the Voters Voice line and share your thoughts, call (208) 352-6433 or email your thoughts to

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