The Destructive Recall in West Bonner County School District


West Bonner County School Board Trustee Susan Brown discusses the progress she has made in her duties as an elected representative, and why she is being targeted for recall in the August 29th election.

In this episode, Susan discusses:

-Bonner County community and her term as school board trustee

-Her initiatives as a trustee: 1) hired a new superintendent, 2) conduct a forensic audit to get to the bottom of the school district’s irresponsible use of taxpayer money in the past, and 3) implementing a Hillsdale curriculum that teaches the American tradition and values of our constitution.

-Additional discussion about the West Bonner County school district’s low performance within the state of Idaho, and how she is trying to change that.

Link to School Board Trustee Website Page:

Link to school board budget:


Brian Winkler