Navigating the Crossroads: Congressman Russ Fulcher on Forests, Justice, Immigration, and More



Today’s podcast episode features Congressman Russ Fulcher. The hosts, Ed Bejarana and Brian Winkler, engage in a conversation with Congressman Fulcher on various topics.

  • Forest Management: Congressman Fulcher discusses the importance of managing and protecting Idaho’s natural resources, particularly the need for better forest management.
  • Department of Justice: The conversation shifts to concerns about the Department of Justice’s actions, where they appear to be targeting political opponents. Congressman Fulcher expresses his view that there’s evidence of corruption within the department, and he talks about the challenges Congress faces in holding the DOJ accountable. He discusses the limitations of oversight and the need to use budgetary measures to assert influence.
  • Immigration: Congressman Fulcher addresses immigration issues, discussing the importance of effective border security and merit-based immigration policies. He acknowledges the challenges of addressing immigration when the executive branch ignores federal immigration laws, and he talks about the role of a divided Congress in effecting change.
  • Budget and Spending: The hosts bring up concerns about federal spending and the national debt. Congressman Fulcher discusses the necessity of addressing these issues, the challenges within the Republican Party, and the potential for budgetary actions to address the problem.
  • Political Divide: The conversation ends with a discussion on the deep political divide in the nation. Congressman Fulcher talks about the divide between differing worldviews, specifically between those who believe in moral absolutes and those with a more progressive ideology. He emphasizes the importance of elections in shaping policy and supporting candidates who align with one’s worldview.

To learn more about Congressman Russ Fulcher, please visit his website:

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