Latah County GOP Interview 2 – Carl Berglund


In this interview, the Latah County GOP discusses top policy issues with Mr. Carl Berglund, candidate for Latah County Commissioner. Mr. Berglund describes his background, business experience, conservative values, and unmatched suitability to serve the people of Latah County.

Carl Berglund is a well-known and highly respected conservative figure in regional politics. Backed by a lifelong commitment to constitutional principles, a successful business career, and a sturdy Idaho work ethic, Carl seeks election as one of the three Commissioners for Latah County. The responsibilities and authority of this position are extensive, and no one is better suited to serve the people of Latah County than Carl.

Carl is friendly, caring, experienced, and devoted to helping others. In this interview, he describes his family, military service, business career, and what led him to believe so strongly in conservative and constitutional principles. Furthermore, he discusses property tax reform, government transparency, and the need for County Commissioners to plan wisely for the growth and change that is happening in Idaho today.

Carl Berglund is sure to become one of our most successful and responsive Commissioners. We hope this interview helps you get to know him better as we head into the polls this election season.

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