Joe Alfieri Announces His Run For CDA City Council


Joe Alfieri sits down with Idaho Speaks to announce his candidacy for CDA City Council.

Joe Alfieri

  • Preserve Coeur d’Alene’s character
  • Rein in urban redevelopment projects
  • Reduce the size of government, let the private sector do it whenever possible (We didn’t cover this, but I’d like to in a future episode)

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Press Release announcing Joe’s Run for Office

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, March 26, 2021. Joe Alfieri, of Coeur d’Alene, has announced his candidacy for City Council seat #4. Joe cites his concern that the city is losing its character because of its rapid growth as one of the reasons he’s entering the race. 

“I think the current city council too often rubber stamps projects without giving them adequate review. Last week, for example, they approved the annexation of land zoned for residential use without even asking for a traffic study.” 

“We’re starting to see the same type of problems that other small cities have had as they grew, and we can’t sit by and just watch what happens. At least I can’t “Joe said. “So I think it’s time for some fresh leadership, and new ideas. Twenty years in government is too long.” Woody McEvers, who currently holds seat #4 on the city council, was elected in 2002. 

While a newcomer to local politics, Alfieri has been involved in several organizations since moving here in 2013. He served on the CDA Economic Development Corporation’s Jobs Plus Action committee, and in the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce as its Membership Outreach Committee chairman. In that tenure, a subcommittee he led was awarded honors as committee of the year for its development of COEURfest, a community event. 

“I’m running because I want to make sure that our children, and their children, can grow up in the type of town so many of us love. I don’t want to see it destroyed by urban planning, so that it becomes just another small city. This place is special. Let’s keep it that way.”

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