Idaho AG Said Congress Doesn’t Have Force Of Law


The Idaho House of Representatives took up crowd size limitations and in the opinion of the Idaho AG, congress actions “…don’t have the force of law.”  While I am sure there is some technicality I am missing, today’s episode is about the idea that the state “Law Makers” don’t have the force of law.  We’ll discuss the COVID-19 restrictions, how they impact our freedoms and what governments role in the process should be.

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Today’s episode is about freedom and liberty. Some folks are going to be discouraged by my words and feel I am just ignoring science. The likes of Facebook and Twitter would block my posts if I were to use them for this type of discussion, because they feel I am spreading misinformation. However, my feeling is it is well past time we, as Idahoans take back our state and stop the madness. In today’s episode, we’ll explore COVID-19 personal responsibility and government’s role in the pandemic. Welcome to Idaho speaks a censor free zone for conservative ideas. With big tech and mainstream media fighting to silence conservatives. I decided to create a communication channel devoted to issues important to Idahoans conservative Idahoans. I’m not ashamed of my conservative beliefs and I know you are not either tune in each week to hear local and state issues and hear candidates firsthand speak about how they will represent you. The Idaho voter. Idaho speaks where issues take shape. Well, before diving headlong into today’s topic, I need to set the record straight on something. I chose to stay home and avoid people. My wife and I at the end of February 2020. Self quarantined as a measure to avoid COVID-19. Note I did not need the government’s permission or mandate to do what I felt best for me and my family. So why did I quarantine? Oh, because I have a genetic heart condition. And my wife has COPD. At the time the China virus was unknown. And treatment therapies were not yet proven. I felt any serious respiratory illness could spell the end of both me and my wife. So out of an abundance of caution. I stayed home. I work for home I’ve I’ve run my own business. So it was actually very easy to do. Someone still ask why did I stay home? Because in my 30 plus year career, I’ve seen far too many people show up to work sick. When challenged, the person says, Oh, it’s just a cold or or the flu I’m fine. Honestly, we could do an entire episode on why people are stupid when it comes to spreading illnesses. But today we are focusing on freedom and liberty. Notice I did not call my senator and demand people who are sick, be forced to stay home so that I could continue to enjoy my American freedoms to move about as I wish. No, I chose to stay home and avoid people until our health care system could figure out a way to to combat this new bug. In my opinion, that is how things are supposed to work. People take responsibility for their own actions and stop worrying about what other people do or or don’t do. One more point for clarification. My wife and I both got vaccinated for COVID-19. Why Some might ask? Because I want every fighting chance to beat this bug once I get it. The communicability rate of the China virus. Whoops. I’ve said that twice. I mean Coronavirus. It’s very high and we will all eventually get it. I’d like to have some antibodies built up to give my system the maximum chance to win the fight. I have to raise these disclaimers upfront because some folks think that all republicans refuse to isolate and vaccinate. That’s just not true. I believe in science. That that will be funny in a few minutes. I promise. When Congress acts does their action carry the weight of law.

I kind of thought we elect lawmakers to represent our needs and pass or remove laws as needed. In the civics class I took in school I learned there are three branches of government, the executive, the judicial and the legislative sub The notes I learned in civics. If it is not mentioned in the Constitution, then it is left to the states to decide. Before I dive into the article that has the hair has on the back of my neck standing on in, let’s talk a little bit about where America is headed right now. It seems like the people we’ve elected to represent us in Washington and some in Boise are covering by demand, and not by the will of the people. What I mean by that is right now it feels like our lawmakers are making laws to force us to do things rather than legislate, to make it easier for us to do things on our own. The other night on Tucker Carlson, he had a guest on that pointed out Congress’s arguing over a one time $2,000 payment, and is spending months to make the decision. Meanwhile, month after month is flying by and I believe rent is due every month last time check. Tucker’s guest pointed out that other countries are making monthly payments to their citizens. Now, before you get the idea that I am suggesting our governments start paying people to survive. No, I am not. I’m just making a point as I work my way towards today’s conclusion. Right now, Congress is dangling out a $2,000 carrot,

and then

bashing the other side for not approving the massive spending bill. See what I mean by Congress is doing things to us and not for us. So let me read some sections of a recent article in the press. And and I’ll drive my point home on the other side. The title of the article is Idaho lawmakers use measure to target gathering size limits. Written by Keith Riddler from the Associated Press published on February 6. Boise, Idaho a girls basketball tournament, triggered legislation introduced Friday targeting gathering size limits due to the coronavirus pandemic. The house state affairs committee approved a measure after the Idaho high school activities Association on Thursday, rejected a request from the committee’s Chairman to allow more fans at the girls state basketball tournament later this month. Republican Representative Brent crane said the association’s limit of 1800 fans and the 11,000 capacity for Idaho center and nampa in southwestern Idaho, will harm kids. He said the associations board held an emergency meeting on Thursday, then told him that the number of fans allowed would not be increased. I said well, then you can expect tomorrow morning in our committee that we’re going to have legislation that addresses that issue. Crane testified before the committee should this pass it would lift the limit for not just sporting events, but for anything, any type of event, a dance, a prom, whatever. Okay, so, so far so good. Representative crane is working to get the legislation to stop limits on Idahoans. You see to me, that is kind of the job of the folks we elect to represent us. When something is obviously hurting citizens, then our legislators should work together to end the things hurting people. Much of the next part of the article talks about how the limitation wasn’t really created by any one specific. It highlights the governor’s order didn’t limit the gathering size of sporting events. Really, the author is just confusing things by pointing fingers all over the place. So I’m going to skip ahead because the important part is not who created the restriction, but rather what are we going to do about it? So the article continued of Republican Representative Barbara Earhart, helped draft the legislation and also testified. This is about our kids at our schools trying to find some normalcy in life. Because they are struggling. She said the resolution crafted by the lawmakers states that the quote legislature has determined to end orders that diminish personal accountability for health decisions and curtail family participation in extracurricular events in Quote reminds me of a movie quote, you had me at hello. Anyway, I’ll continue. Earhart after the meaning pointed to the measures statement of purpose, which says that the legislature is supportive of removing all obstacles that prevent full participation of individuals in all activities. And opinion from the Idaho Attorney General’s office last month, requested by a democratic lawmaker said resolutions like the one introduced Friday are not mentioned in the Idaho constitution and therefore don’t have the force of law. The resolutions only reflect the wishes of the House or Senate. The opinion said lawmakers hired a private attorney who contradicted the opinion by the attorney general’s office. Okay, let me get this straight. The person we elected to be the chief Attorney for the state is saying the legislative branch of Idaho government doesn’t have the weight of law. I’m gonna let that one sit there for just a minute. The Attorney General says the lawmakers of Idaho don’t have the weight of law.

Getting beyond the stupidity of the statement, I have to believe there is some technicality in a statement that I am missing. So let me ask you this question. If you heard the legislation body of the state was moving to stop a restriction on personal liberties? Would you not be happy? I mean, as a conservative, I feel the government that governs least governs best. Here’s a situation where the people we’ve hired to pass laws are working to create a law that prevents restriction of a constitutional right. That being freedom to assemble. Does that not make you want to jump up and scream thank God Almighty, we are free and last. As our nation deteriorated so much that people now expect every decision to be mandated by law or executive Fiat. We are told wear a mask or you cannot shop here. Someone like me respond but I have a medical condition. And the state restriction says medical conditions are exempt. Doesn’t matter. No mask. No Service says Costco, Red Robin, FedEx Best Buy and dozens of big box businesses throughout our community. We have public meetings where decisions are being made by elected representatives. Our public meetings law requires these meetings be held in full view of public and must allow public redress by attendees. yet because of COVID-19. These public meetings are being restricted such that only a handful of people can attend. I’m a free market believer and feel private business should be able to do what they want. But there is a point where civil rights needs protecting. In the case of public meetings law, never should the public be restricted from sitting in on a meeting. Building occupancy is the only restricted by fire code, not by government Fiat. There has never been a more clear time where the legislature is needed. There has never been a time in American history where the lawmakers were needed so badly. Our courts should have already chimed in on the undoing of constitutional violations of freedom of assembly. But we have a legislature that is working to take action is the chief Attorney for the state is arguing the legislator don’t have the weight of law. First thing we all need to do is get rid of our attorney general. Anyone who is going to argue lawmakers don’t have the weight of law under any technicality honestly is too stupid to be in a position or they are too big government for my taste. I think his term is up in 2022 It’s time for somebody new who someone new in 2022 there might be a slogan there somebody. Second, we need to contact our state representatives and let them know we support their effort to undo the restrictions. It is time to start The government dictatorship and return personal responsibility to the people. If I want to stay home because it’s best for me and my family, then I will stay home. But if I want to go watch a basketball game, then I’m going to go watch a basketball game. No government entity in America should be allowed to say when or where or how I go anywhere. You want to wear a mask. So be it. You are an American, do whatever you want. However, don’t hold me hostage to your fear. Worse yet, don’t use the government to force me to change my behavior because of your fears. This next election, take note of everyone who said government should have the right to restrict your movement, then vote them the hell out of office. We’ve reached the end of the episode but not the end of the issue. Please share this episode with your friends and family. If you have questions or would like to share your own issues and ideas, visit www dot Idaho and click share and issue your state your voice Idaho speaks

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