Do Parents In Idaho No Longer Have Rights On How Their Child Is Counseled At School?


Does your child’s school already have your permission to make health and metal wellness decisions without your consent?  In Idaho, they probably do.  In today’s episode we’ll hear about a story of a 11 year old girl who received a treatment program from the school councilor and school Principal without parental consent.  We discuss action to fix this issue and how you can help.

Every parent in America sends their child to school to learn the education basics they will need to succeed in life.  Watching the news, hearing reports of things that happen in schools today, I am dumbfounded by the logic behind some of the decisions being made in the education process.  In today’s episode we are going to explore the idea that as a parent, you’ve probably already signed away your right to consent on health and mental wellness decisions the school makes on behalf of your child.  You’ve probably signed a form and didn’t even know it…as is the case in today’s case.  A case where a treatment program is developed without parental consent to help an 11 year old girl begin the process of transition from that of a girl to a boy.

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