Diana Sheridan Running for North Idaho College Trustee Zone 2


Diana Sheridan sits with Idaho Speaks to talk about issues facing NIC and why he feels she is the best choice for the board of trustees.


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  1. Ed DePriest on October 10, 2022 at 11:28 am

    I just listened to the interview. I was impressed, for the most part, with Ms. Sheridan. I am all for transparency and allowing the people access to all documents/evidence, etc….
    What prompted my writing this is, that when questioned about the specifics of the student who claimed to have received a zero, Ms. Sheridan was unable to discuss the topic or content. She couldn’t remember? If I had actually seen and validated the claim, even if it had been years ago, I would have been able to, at the very least, remember the topic. This is what concerns me about so many of the assertions and allegations being thrown around. Not just NIC, but so much of the politics today.
    A lot of misinformation and assertions are being thrown around. I often press for facts that can be validated, and get crickets. If one is going to make allegations, then they should be able to present facts that can be proven. Otherwise, it is hearsay. If hearsay, don’t say it. If you can’t provide verifiable proof, don’t make the public allegation. To me,,, that is fearmongering.
    I attended classes at NIC about 20 years ago. I wrote about topics that were contrary to the instructor’s ideology. We would have spirited discussion, but I felt that I was always fairly graded. If, in fact, what Ms. Sheridan is describing is actually happening, then yes, it should be brought forward and an investigation should occur. If proven, then action should be taken. But,,, being a retired non-union high school teacher, I have seen several students find all kinds of reasons for poor grades. Usually,,,, not always,, it is for poor product.
    Are there instructors at all levels of education who should find other work? Absolutely. But I need verifiable proof before taking such actions. I’m sorry, but Ms. Sheridan lost me when she,,, conveniently, couldn’t remember the topic of an issue that she used as an example of a major issue. I hear this all of the time. When asked for proof of an allegation; the proof can not be provided.



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