Charity Myser from the CDA John Birch Society Talks About the 2021 School Levy


Charity Myser from the Coeur d’Alene Chapter of the John Birch Society entered the studios at Idaho Speaks to discuss the School Levy up for vote this March.  Charity and Ed discussed the various challenges parents face with the education system in the Kootenai County School District and their position on how voters should vote on March 9th.

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Show Transcript

Ed Bejarana 0:00
Welcome to Idaho speaks a censor free zone for conservative ideas. With big tech and mainstream media fighting to silence conservatives. I decided to create a communication channel devoted to issues important to Idahoans conservative Idahoans. I’m not ashamed of my conservative beliefs and I know you are not either tune in each week to hear local and state issues and hear candidates firsthand speak about how they will represent you, the Idaho voter. Idaho speaks where issues take shape. Well, with me in studio today, I have a very special guest from the john birch society, charity miser, she she literally ran up to me, right after my presentation at the kootenay County Republican Central Committee meeting, and said, I want to be on your show. And I said, I want you to be on my show, because I think the john birch society is a fantastic organization, charity. Thank you for coming on the program today.

Charity Myser 1:02
It’s my pleasure. And thank you.

Ed Bejarana 1:03
Can you first tell our listeners a little bit about the john birch society? how it got started? And more importantly, how you got involved?

Charity Myser 1:12
No problem. Yeah, the john birch society started in 1958 by a gentleman named Robert Welch. And it was all started to combat the Marxist agenda that was going on there in the 50s and 60s. And they were very successful. And it grew from there. And really what our motto is, is less government more responsibility, and with God’s help a better world.

Ed Bejarana 1:35
How did you get involved? Yes,

Charity Myser 1:36
well, I’m one of the crazy North Idaho ladies that saw no one doing anything last year. And so we decided it would be great idea to recall governor little. So I was going around to any organization I could find of like minded constitutional people and try to get them to sign my petition. So I’ve met met my john birch, and was first introduced to the society in June, by mid July, I had a chapter started. And then, you know, sometime towards the end of last year, I was then section leader, helping the entire county.

Ed Bejarana 2:09
So you’re not one of those types of people that jump in with both feet, you know, take a little bit of time to think things over?

Charity Myser 2:15
For sure. Yeah, totally.

Ed Bejarana 2:16
So what why the john birch society, why not Reagan, Republicans are back under reserve,

Charity Myser 2:22
because I want to be somewhere where they’re effective, quite frankly. And when I was sitting in their chapter meeting, I was reading their literature and it was like, I could have written it for the website we had going. It was so constitutionally minded, it resonated with me as a Christian patriot. And I did ask questions, I wanted to make sure if I was going to be involved, I could be very politically involved locally. And when I got the green light for that, I was like, fine, I’m in.

Ed Bejarana 2:47
Now what all? What sort of programs does the john birch society have going on locally?

Charity Myser 2:54
So we’re always looking for new members, we want people aware of what’s going on that COVID isn’t COVID It is, it is a communist takeover of our country is what it is. We always want people well founded in the Constitution. So they really truly understand principles of liberty, and sovereignty. it’s astounding how little people understand about federalism, state sovereignty, so it’s really a passion of mine to introduce people to that. And how do you guys do that? Well, I teach a constitution class. So how it works is as soon as a host says I’ll do it, we pick a day of the week, if they have 25 or more people, then I’ll show up and do a six week course. It’s for free, because that’s what we do. We need civil engagement. We don’t need to be making money off of this stuff.

Ed Bejarana 3:44
Well, and you’re, you’re still a young woman, I remember back in school, I had to learn about the constitution when I was going to school. They don’t seem to be teaching that

Charity Myser 3:53
at all. In fact, there’s quite the perversion of our history in the schools now. And the Constitution is barely touched at all,

Ed Bejarana 4:01
considering its importance of a document for our nation. That’s sad.

Charity Myser 4:04
It’s very sad. You’re correct. Yeah.

Ed Bejarana 4:07
So from the classes, what else? What else can the folks expect when they get involved in the john birch society?

Charity Myser 4:14
Well, we never present a problem without an actionable item to accompany it, right? Because if we just bring up what’s wrong, it just becomes a giant complaining session. So we always want people to take action and to be active. So there’s legislative active actions that we want people to do, both statewide and federally. If you don’t know your precinct person, if you don’t know your legislator or your senator, how are you going to affect any change with them? So we want them engaged constantly and knowing who those people are?

Ed Bejarana 4:46
And can you help them get connected?

Charity Myser 4:48
Oh, absolutely.

Ed Bejarana 4:48
And how do they reach you? How do they get involved with your group?

Charity Myser 4:53
Well, you can go to JBS org and sign up as a member. If you live in my area, you’re going to be placed in one of the local chapters. And then like just tonight, we host monthly chapter meeting. So mine is tonight, and I do it in my home. And there’s five others in kootenay. County.

Ed Bejarana 5:10
Excellent. How many members in your group?

Charity Myser 5:14
I think we’re at 69. Right now. Okay, once we get above 75, they like to split the chapters to keep people, you know, smaller and more locally organized.

Ed Bejarana 5:24
Now, when I was growing up, we we could still pray in school. There was, you know, there wasn’t quite the prayer hour, but there was still biblical grounding in my education. Not that I’m that old. But you know, how much has changed in such a short period of time, our nation itself was founded on Judeo Christian values. And you’ve, you’ve mentioned that you really want to tap into that Christian value system with regards to finding good people to serve in our local leadership capacities. What do you folks doing to find good Christians to serve in leadership positions?

Charity Myser 6:11
That is a great question, and it’s one of john birches action items, is to rebuild America’s cultural base. And Funny enough, one of the ways we say to do that is to pull your children out of government funded schools, it that is what has just detrimental to our society, and then the attacks on the nuclear family. So we have partnered with other groups within kootenay County to do a vetting cess vetting might done a vetting system. You know, we’re trying to weed out moderates and rhinos, we want true christian conservatives who are principled and are bold enough to stand up for them, because it’s not easy in the political arena, to be a Christian conservative. You know,

Ed Bejarana 6:57
and it’s one of the things that frustrates me beyond belief, is when you watch the news, which I really don’t suggest you do very much. But when you watch the news, as soon as anything conservative is mentioned, they always throw on that label, extreme right wing or right wing radicals. It’s like being conservative is a bad thing. But, you know, I I kind of think that being conservative is a good thing. I think being radical liberal, we’re taking away gun rights taken away constitutional liberties taken away freedom of speech. To me, that’s radical,

Charity Myser 7:35
everything that radicals are pushing makes us less safe.

Ed Bejarana 7:38
Absolutely. The idea that government is the solution just is completely foreign to me. One of my favorite presidents campaigned on the idea that government is the problem, not the solution. That of course, was wrong. Reagan

Charity Myser 7:55
was gonna say, yes. Ronald Reagan. Yep.

Ed Bejarana 7:58
So from a standpoint of what’s going on locally, right now, the schools are in full swing, going door to door, it seems like asking for money. They got their hands out, it’s that time of year reading on the school levy program. Of course, they’re always blaming money as the cause for all of the woes. And and I think the problem really is, is they’re just trying to do too darn much Reading, Writing arithmetic is are the basics, and I’m not sure that they’re really doing that. All that well. But right now, they’re asking for money. Where does the john birch society stand on the levee proposals that are being gonna be voted on right here in March, it’s just a month away?

Charity Myser 8:45
Well, seeing as we’re all for less government, we’re firmly opposed to the school levies, especially since if you really delve into it, they will pull at your heartstrings and try to tell you, it’s all about the kids, but it’s really about administrative costs and their ridiculous salaries.

Ed Bejarana 9:02
Well, and look at the last year, they haven’t been in the classroom, right?

Charity Myser 9:06
They will not change until we drain their purses.

Ed Bejarana 9:12
You know, you look at I got friends who they’ve been going without a paycheck. They I’ve got friends that run restaurants, where they could only operate with 25% or less of the patrons. And they’re not getting a break

Charity Myser 9:29
now. And you know, what else the school is trying to do is change it from attendance to enrollment for funds, because right now it’s with attendance, and they want to change to enrollment because lots of people will pull their kids out and not unenroll them. So they would still get dollars for that. And then they wouldn’t have to really care whether the child is there or not.

Ed Bejarana 9:50
Yeah, I mean, imagine trying to do your job and not having any measurement on performance. So you know, if I’ma dig in. If I’m digging ditches, let’s let’s go down to the basic, if I’m digging ditches, and I’m not digging a ditch, it’s not deep enough. It’s not long enough, it’s not going fast enough. Pretty sure I lose my job. But if I’m teaching a student, and I’m not really teaching them all of the things that are necessary, I am allowed every two years to go to the citizenry and ask for a raise.

Charity Myser 10:22
You know, it’s frustrating, because in one aspect, the teachers are stuck in a rock and a hard place when it comes to the curriculum that they are forced to use. However, if they would collectively stand up to it, we wouldn’t be in this position to begin with.

Ed Bejarana 10:36
Well, you look at I know this is Chicago, not quarter lane. But you look at the big stories that hit the hit the press, the Chicago teachers union threatened strike, yep. If they didn’t get a raise, and oh, how dare you ask us to go back and actually teach students in the classroom. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened here in quarter lane, but not for a lack of trying, there have been teacher strikes, yes, here in quarter lane, our teachers do hold parents hostage to their demands. The levy being one of them, they’re saying, one third of all of the general budget is coming from the levy. And if you don’t give it, we’re not going to be able to do art class music, school. extracurricular activities,

Charity Myser 11:20
first thing they target, right. You know that the one quarter Lane’s levy the $20 million, or each year for two years, so $40 million dollars, that is the largest levee in the entire state of Idaho. And while Lakeland has quite a bit lower, if you do it by the population, it really isn’t that much lower. I think they’re asking for 9.5 each year for two years. That’s pretty astounding, based on the population in the Lakeland School District.

Ed Bejarana 11:46
So somebody says what, but again, okay, this this is for the kids, how do you quantify an education on a dollars and cents? basis? How do you how do you say no, to raising dollars for education,

Charity Myser 12:00
and it’s quite easy. You just do it, it doesn’t line up with what we as parents actually want? Is your child actually coming away from there with true knowledge? I would say they are not. And I know because I have two grown daughters that have recently graduated from a local high school. And without all of the extra stuff I was teaching them at home, they would be illiterate on half the things that matter in life. One of the worst of the worst is this change in classical literature. They really don’t even teach it anymore. And what do we learn from classical literature, all about humanity, how humans interact with humans in a fictional basis, of course, but you can glean so much from that. And they’ve gutted it. And now it’s a bunch of this informational knowledge base stuff that’s very dry and reads more like a manual to operating a computer who’s interested in that. So reading has gone way down. There isn’t a love for it anymore. And it’s difficult, because they’ve dumbed it down so much for children to really understand as adults. Even, for instance, the Constitution, they don’t understand the verbiage that’s even used there, because they haven’t been taught how to read.

Ed Bejarana 13:14
Well, my kids are in their 50s, and my grandkids in their 30s. So it’s been a long time since I’ve had any kids affiliated with school. So let me let me ask you just a couple of questions about the education that’s taking place right here in quarter lane. Where does the students rate in national standards as it pertains to math and reading comprehension?

Charity Myser 13:39
I actually don’t know the answer to that. I’m sorry to say, but I will also say ranking doesn’t matter. Because that is the wrong goal. If you are basing your you have now given a trial to quality education, because they tested on some standardized tests a certain way, that’s the wrong measure of true knowledge.

Ed Bejarana 14:02
So how should we measure,

Charity Myser 14:03
we should measure on whether they can articulate their own opinions? Whether they can use a logical way of presenting an argument and supporting it with facts and data? Can they even go to original sources anymore? Do they have that ability to figure that out?

Ed Bejarana 14:21
And and being a young mom with kids who have just finished school? Did you did your children go to private private school or public school?

Charity Myser 14:31
It was a combination but mostly public school, except for my younger daughter, my older two, mostly public school.

Ed Bejarana 14:36
So the public education that they received and that you had to supplement? What area Did you feel you had to supplement the most and why?

Charity Myser 14:45
math, history and good literature? Because the math and the math is abysmal, is just awful. So I use a program I grew up on and both of my older daughters went straight in college level trig without a hiccup. And that would not have been possible they would have stayed with just their public maths system. And then what was the other ones literature,

Charity Myser 15:08
literature and history, just don’t

Charity Myser 15:09
let them read anymore. So my girls were always reading the classics and history just because it’s been so perverted and watered down. I mean, they have a few, you might learn a couple of presidents and you might learn a selection or two from World War Two. But very little beyond that it it’s very sad,

Ed Bejarana 15:30
did coralayne adopt Common Core as a teaching standard?

Charity Myser 15:35
I believe they all have, I think all across Idaho has my mind happened to have graduated from Lakeland,

Ed Bejarana 15:40
okay. Now, when I was a kid, this is going way, way back to elementary and junior high school. I remember going with my dad, and going to the school, it would be twice a year. And I’d be there for hours. You know, first couple of times, I didn’t even know why we were there. But I was out in the playground. And it was me and a bunch of kids, and just playing for hours. And my my dad was in with a bunch of other parents in a single classroom. And they were reading through the textbooks. As I learned, that was the parent’s responsibility to review all of the textbooks that I was going to be reading in, in class next year. How many times over the number of years that your daughters were in school? Did you go to school and review the textbooks that they were using,

Charity Myser 16:32
I had to buy them all on my own and read them couldn’t access them at the school. And it gets one worse than that. I was very active when they were in school. And when my youngest was in elementary school, I would go in every week, and I would make photocopies, hours and hours and hours of photocopies of stuff. And the last year she was there. The room I was in had tons of teacher reference books, right and testing and different things in it. They had now locked up the current stuff, so no one could access it. They the material they’re teaching your children was under lock and key.

Ed Bejarana 17:07
And you had no say into what they were using. Okay. So as I got a little bit older, and you know, my eighth grade year and then going into high school, then there were classes that were being taught that my parents had to give permission, namely, sex ed, driving education, and so forth. So I had to take permission slips home, and my parents had to fill out those permission slips. And on them, I surprisingly, were various topics. So this week, they’re going to cover this, and this week, they’re going to cover that and and my parents had to sign off. Yes, St. Paul could do this. No, St. Paul, I didn’t want any Paul to be exposed to that at this time. How many of those permission slips as a mother were you able to opt in or out of

Charity Myser 17:56
I had a couple. And my children were the only ones that were ever opted out. A lot of parents are completely ignorant of what’s going on, or just assume it’s the responsibility of someone other than themselves to take care of that area.

Ed Bejarana 18:10
Wow. Now, one more thing again, every day in school, if I do the math, I could probably come up with a number but you know, 12 years, 180 days worth of education. We started out every single morning with I pledge allegiance to the flag. How many days did your daughters start their school education with that pledge,

Charity Myser 18:34
almost never at the end of it.

Ed Bejarana 18:38
And these are the people that are asking for $20 million a year right? There, we’re not being given an option on the education that we want them to have. We’re not giving the child any affinity towards the nation that they’re growing up in. And the education that we’re giving them is inferior at best at best. So help me understand why we should pass a $20 million levy.

Charity Myser 19:06
We absolutely should not.

Ed Bejarana 19:08
So how do people fight this? How do people get involved? How do they make their voice heard? Because, you know, the the off year levies you know, going in March after a big election? Yeah. There’s there’s going to be hardly anybody’s maybe 13% of the electorate it’s going to turn out. Yeah. So how do we make a difference? Get the people to vote no, to turn out?

Charity Myser 19:32
Yeah, in March. So we’re making flyers that kind of explain what’s going on, you know, especially the cultural push that they’re doing with the, the LGBTQ, I think I got them all in there. And the, you know, comprehensive sex education from young to old and stuff like that, that people just the parents need to be made aware. But most importantly, we want to target the ones that will go vote the way we want. So we’re targeting churches that We know, share the same mindset when it comes to social issues. And so we’re really trying to encourage the members of those churches to show up in mass in the I believe it’s March 9. Levy elections.

Ed Bejarana 20:15
Yeah, it’s first Tuesday in March. Yes. So let me drive this point home here a little bit. I don’t I don’t know that we have the issue with cin transgender sports, interfering with girls playing in Idaho.

Charity Myser 20:30
Well, that’s because the legislature just passed last session, something that prohibited that in Idaho, and the governor signed it just before COVID, or just after COVID. I can’t remember.

Ed Bejarana 20:41
But we recently had a case in Hayden. In fact, if you tune in to Idaho speaks just a couple of weeks ago, we had grandmother on the program talking about her 11 year old daughter granddaughter, being counseled at school, yes, to change her gender

Charity Myser 21:01
without parents consent. That is a huge part of our push on why we do not want these schools funded by these levies like this right now, they need to know they need a message that parental rights cannot be usurped during their time in school period. And what’s so tragic about the story you’re talking about is that young girl was going through a trauma, she had suffered a loss of a parent. And that is traumatic. So it was no benefit to the young girl to exclude her mom or her grandmother from the care that of the trauma she was going through. So it was just a really bad, bad move on the counselors part at school. But what’s really worse than that is the law protected everything they were doing,

Ed Bejarana 21:46
right? Well, because parental consent is just kind of snuck right in there. You sign away your parental consent. And did you even know that you signed that?

Charity Myser 21:55
Oh, cuz I read everything. And I cross lines out and even because my girls played sports, right? So I always crossed out the part where they could randomly urine test them. And I said, under no circumstances may you do this without me being present. If you believe this is necessary, you must contact me and I will be there. Parents just don’t take that active role anymore. I don’t know why. I think it’s, well, first of all, it’s constitutionally awful to require a minor to give over biological samples to a government entity. We wit, when did we get to that place in our country? Right?

Ed Bejarana 22:31
Yeah. And and be grilled? asked questions without a parental parental figure there to any protection,

Charity Myser 22:39
right. It’s really you’re throwing your kids to the wolves people,

Ed Bejarana 22:42
right. So I am going to put you down as a soft, no, on the left.

Charity Myser 22:49
Soft No. Okay, let’s go with that. Let’s

Ed Bejarana 22:50
go with a soft No. Are there any before we wrap things up today? Are there anything else any other issues that you’d like to bring up for folks in Idaho to consider I want

Charity Myser 23:01
you to be involved. If you’re listening and you’re a Christian Patriot, a constitutional conservative, then I want you to get a hold of the local john birch chapter, chapter where you’re at, because those are your people. And they will do campaigns locally for things that will help benefit your life.

Ed Bejarana 23:18
So if you are listening to our voices right now, please share this episode with your congregation, your life group, your Bible study group, they are your minister, your friends at your church, focus on the people that you congregate with on Sunday, and say, Hey, I heard this program on Idaho speaks, share this episode with them and help people feel the strength necessary to stand up against these very powerful emotionally program IQ schools that are that are really trying to scare everybody into this $20 million expenditure for stuff that you are not going to have any control or say over. So get involved today. Thank you for tuning in. Have a blessed day. We’ve reached the end of the episode but not the end of the issue. Please share this episode with your friends and family. If you have questions or would like to share your own issues and ideas, visit www dot Idaho and click share and issue your state your voice Idaho speaks

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