Chad Christensen Talks About Governor Brad Little’s Unconstitutional Actions


If you are like me, you’ve said numerous times…where are the elected representatives with the guts to stand up and do the right thing?  In today’s episode we are going to talk with Representative Chad Christensen from Eastern Idaho about his efforts to hold Governor Brad Little accountable to the people of Idaho for what he calls unconstitutional behavior.

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Ed Bejarana 0:05
If you’re like me, you’ve said numerous times, where are the elected representatives with the guts to stand up and do the right thing? In today’s episode, we’re going to talk with Representative Chad Christiansen from Eastern Idaho, about his efforts to hold governor Brad little accountable to the people of Idaho for what he calls unconstitutional behavior. Welcome to Idaho speaks a censor free zone for conservative ideas. With big tech and mainstream media fighting to silence conservatives. I decided to create a communication channel devoted to issues important to Idahoans conservative Idahoans. I’m not ashamed of my conservative beliefs and I know you are not either tune in each week to hear local and state issues and hear candidates firsthand speak about how they will represent you. The Idaho voter. Idaho speaks where issues take shape.

Summer Bushnell 1:05
All right. So we’re on today with Chad Christiansen. If you live in North Idaho, you may not be aware of him. He is from Eastern Idaho. And he’ll have to tell me this specific area he’s an Idaho representative and he is the one that has introduced impeachment articles against governor Brad little.

Ed Bejarana 1:29
So Chad, welcome to the program. Tell us a little bit about yourself about the area of Idaho you serve and and then let’s talk about governor little.

Chad Christensen 1:39
Okay, yeah, good. Born and raised in Idaho Falls. I went to college race College in Rexburg, and then finishing ISU and a Bachelor’s in an LDS mission in San Diego. I have two boys in my district. It covers it’s pretty big district. It’s a third biggest in the state. So it covers part of one county and five full counties. So it’s part of Bonneville County. Hello Teton, oh, caribou, all Bear Lake Franklin and overnighter counties. So it’s the southeast corner of Utah and Wyoming.

Ed Bejarana 2:16
And how many terms have you served in in the House of Representatives?

Chad Christensen 2:21
My second term,

Ed Bejarana 2:22
and what prompted you to get into state politics?

Chad Christensen 2:27
So back in 2016, my Representative Tom Archer was blocking pro gun legislation as a state affairs committee chairman. So I was getting frustrated. And I said, I’m pretty pro gun. And obviously, you guys know that. And, you know, I was kind of following the Second Amendment Alliance, Greg Pruitt, and he’s put that out there. And, and I noticed that this gentleman was rocking these program buildings that I’ve kind of getting tired of this. And I, I ran for Sheriff before we model the county, so I knew about politics and how to run for office. And I mentioned that I might run against this guy. And so he said, Hey, you know, he said, okay, that’d be great. And then he then he came back and told me, hey, a guy down Bear Lake is going to run. So I said, Yeah, let him run. In the district of me, probably. So let him run. And he backed out in February of 2018. So the critic calls me and says, Hey, will you still run? And I said, Well, can last minute do yell. Let me think about it and pray about it. And I got back to him and said I would.

Ed Bejarana 3:33
And here we are.

Summer Bushnell 3:35
Now I was, I was telling ed in a side conversation we’re having about you. I have people I know up here. And when they hear this podcast, they’ll probably be a little grumpy with me, but they do not understand what governor little has done. That is impeachable. And you can’t see my face, but I was talking with Ed with this earlier, and I was just, you know, seriously, are you kidding me?

Chad Christensen 4:02
That’s crazy to me to write

Summer Bushnell 4:03
well, and I’m more of a political junkie. So I’m trying to educate them. But could you please explain for those that have only heard governor little side? Why what he has done that’s not constitutional,

Chad Christensen 4:17
or you can read my whole articles or resolution. So the torbett is, for me, are the biggest violations of the Constitution. Or, you know, number one is the First Amendment, he’s allowed the right to, to peacefully assemble these banned gatherings. He’s limiting gatherings as a blatant violation of the First Amendment to peaceful assembly. And another part of the First Amendment is the right to worship freely exercising their religion thereof. And he is, you know, the first part of the orders he banned, you know, close down searches. So people have to either get online to worship or or other means. So he’s been selective in how we chose how people can worship, which obviously the pastor’s doesn’t allow for that. He said, as long as you don’t hurt anybody else. And then, you know, the other big one for me was the contract clause. How can you shut down businesses and play favorites with the essential and non essential quotation marks around those chocolate businesses are essential to provide for your family. So I shut those down, which was part of the contract clause to the government can’t to interfere with business contracts. And had a big one for me was idle constitution, where he appropriated funds without our approval, the legislature has to approve those appropriated funds to direct into certain areas or certain areas, and he can’t do that for the Constitution, idle constitution. So he has done that with a lot of money. But

Ed Bejarana 5:54
so let’s pick these apart one at a time here. Let’s start with the last one first. Because I think voters struggle to sometimes understand the difference between the legislature and the executive branch. I think it’s a crime that so many schools have removed social studies from the education but we have a smart audience here in Idaho, help us understand the delineation between the funding appropriation that the legislators can do versus what the governor can do under emergency declarations.

Chad Christensen 6:32
So the governor, yeah, right now, the governor has authority under statute to declare an emergency. And I believe under the the emergency clause, he can, he can call emergency or declare one and legislature has to approve it. After 30 days. Extreme emergency declaration, you have to prove after 60 days, he’s also violating that, or the law. inconvenient after 60 days, and he kept on going with those emergency orders without our permission. So you’ll hear about checks and balances in government. That’s what that’s there for, for us to check the balance with the owner. And vice versa. If we do something that he’s you know, it’s not going to be unconstitutional, he has the same authority to check us.

Ed Bejarana 7:23
So But now, let’s It’s not that I have to be fair on topics. This is a private show, trying to talk about issues. But at the same token, I don’t want to ignore some counter arguments. So the legislature isn’t in session, all year long, you guys are only in session for a few months out of the year. And, and the 30 day in the extreme case, the 60 day clause requires a special session to be called Now, I know that there was a special session called what happened in that situation? Because I think there was some issues with the way that session was run it was was or not,

Chad Christensen 8:06
I believe so. It was just, it was a dog and pony show for the governor to continue on and to give him protections, which, you know, I didn’t agree with these protections, people, you know, to be on and to be not liable for certain things, which is fine. You know, it was it was more to protect his coverages. But we didn’t try to get an order at that time. Chairman Harris, the state affairs committee brought a built in emergency order. The House voted it in. And from there on, I understand what happened. They walked over to the Senate vote to the Senate. Bill Andrews, I know this is because one of the marks constituents, they gave Mark Nicole Martin said he had it locked out you guys voted on it and told us not to vote for it.

Ed Bejarana 8:58
And what was the reason they gave? You know,

Chad Christensen 9:00
I know, I didn’t get that information from that phone that recording. You know, I, you know, especially if they were to support the governor of emergency order, and and, and they want to pretend that you exported us on any order. When in reality, they support the governor what he was doing it that’s how I feel.

Ed Bejarana 9:18
Now, during in your Articles of Impeachment that you put forth and in the articles that I’ve read, you specified a certain dollar amount that the governor has misappropriated without legislative support, how much was that and how should it have been appropriated?

Chad Christensen 9:36
Right in the game now he was given 1.6 5 billion from a carrier Zack and you spin it. However he saw fit and I just one of the things that I had a problem with, for example, a good example he spent I can reject him out but he spent a lot of money on on Department of Labor on a certain man To get all the claims, filed, the unemployment claims filed. And instead of getting eidolons jobs, he contracted with the Washington State call center and spent, you know, $200 million, rolling them out was on this call seven out of state when he could have given this money to eidolons to help with this problem of getting these claims processed.

Summer Bushnell 10:23
And that makes me mad, because he’s the one that put people out of work with his orders. Exactly. Yeah. Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 10:30

Ed Bejarana 10:31
yeah. I mean, you talk about getting it from both ends, you shut the business down. And then you said the one jobs that are being funded federally out of state.

Chad Christensen 10:43
And it’s not just that issue to them, there’s more situations where you’ve done that with this money. And it’s not just the Department of Labor jobs, there’s other other things to do with education. Like me, they didn’t know the details on that one. But I know they sent jobs to Florida, was with somebody with education. research showed again, but I’m pretty confident that happened as well.

Ed Bejarana 11:06
Okay, so that’s the dollars, that’s a misappropriation of the dollars. Now, what about the business? So he’s, he had an order to shut businesses down. And, again, let me play devil’s advocate just a little bit. What would you have done different in order to protect the state? From at the time what was an unknown disease?

Chad Christensen 11:30
Well, I mean, I definitely want to shut down or, you know, by anybody’s rights, you know, that’s something I will not do, but you will not do, ever, you know, I do believe in, you know, in leadership, and, you know, and Guardian, you know, I don’t want to do a situation where they, hey, I don’t, you know, we have these these resources available, you know, and we have our, you know, professionals on board. And, you know, what, what’s, what’s follow these guidelines and lead the and lead the people to the guidelines. I don’t have a problem with that. No, just the forest was the problem with me. No, no, wish me isn’t true leadership. If you’re if you’re a true leader, you can lead people enter into combat and Glarus appropriately.

Summer Bushnell 12:10
Well, and I have another question, because I’m not believing what I’m reading or hearing from the governor right now, because he just seems a little full of himself to put it nicely. But um, so why don’t you have the resolution out? I had seen screenshots you have posted. So why did you withdraw it and turn it into a resolution? Did everyone just say we’re not going to hear it?

Chad Christensen 12:33
Right. Yeah. So the chairman, chairman of the state affairs committee. Now, when asked him Hey, you know, would you consider hearing the impeachment bill, my impeachment bill. And, you know, I’ve always liked Brent crane, you know, we all got along, but he, he kind of chuckled at me know. Well, I liked how you laughed at it. But it’s a serious issue. And I think, you know, the government did like these. To me as serious as you know, the violation of constitution is not just a little thing for me. It’s a big, it’s a big issue for me, right? I feel like people here don’t take that, right. Seriously. Not apathetic about it. For me, and you know, the biggest crimes against humanity are our lessons. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Unknown Speaker 13:16

Chad Christensen 13:16
So yeah, so I thought I did you get resistance from him. He said it wasn’t here. So wanted to get something that can be heard and was realistic of getting through the center of this pipe, because hey, the governor did mess up. He did the Constitution, nothing that’s on record, that he did so. So that was the next step for me to take. So that’s what I did.

Summer Bushnell 13:36
Okay, that makes more sense. Now.

Ed Bejarana 13:38
Yeah. So working backwards through the four points that you brought up. Number two, was the suspension of the freedom to practice religion and yeah, I I went back and I reread the constitution it granted it was a long time ago in school when I learned it the first time but, you know, I do read it every now and again, and I’m just scratching my head, trying to find that emergency clause where rights are suspended in the case of the emergency but I do recall seeing very prominently, that the the right to practice your religion shall not be restricted. But, but that was restricted. So don’t talk a little bit about how the governor restricted religious freedoms in the state of Idaho.

Chad Christensen 14:25
Well, it’s pretty, pretty straightforward. You know, I constituents, reached out reached out to me and teutonia, Idaho pasture and said, Hey, you know, the governor told us I can I open my church up to my congregation, and I cannot give a sermon to them and preach to them in the in the in the building, and he’s asking what he should do. I said, go ahead and do it. That’s what I told him. I don’t care what the governor said this is totally unconstitutional. As you’re getting the grief of you know, from it all back you up and I’ll do what I can do to protect you.

Summer Bushnell 14:55
Right And up here. We had a couple churches that in a very Nice way, told the local police and Sheriff we’re going to have church, you’re welcome to come, we’re doing it. And if you

Chad Christensen 15:08
Remington there the US legislature for a little while or a year or so he, he stayed open, right?

Summer Bushnell 15:14
Yeah. And there were two others that pushed back and said, Okay, we’re gonna file a lawsuit because you know, we can socially distance we’re gonna clean, you know, we’re gonna be reasonable, but you can’t tell us to shut down, this is unconstitutional.

Chad Christensen 15:28
Or even a better chance. You have to follow these guidelines and be open in our fiction domain. Now, you should have to follow these social distancing guidelines and restrictions where you have your church open to as part of, you know, as for the restriction of religion to me,

Ed Bejarana 15:44
yeah. Well, and I think going to your earlier point, rather than government edict, rather than making a mandate from on high, we’re better served to provide education. We, if we go back to march of 2020, we really didn’t know much about this virus, right? We didn’t we were hearing numbers from the who and the CDC and right or wrong. That’s what was being published every day, 24 hours a day, on the TV was that, you know, they’re one out of every four people are gonna die who catch this disease, right? And they were publicising communicability rates that were through the roof later proven incorrect. But in the heat of battle. It’s not, I think, unreasonable to pull back a minute and say, Okay, let’s understand the battlefield. And the fog of war, we we can’t really make the best decision, other than based on our knowledge, and in this case, the Constitution as a guiding principle. But it didn’t take too long to realize that, you know, the people who are really struggling with this is this very specific group of people who are elderly people, people with comorbidity issues. So the idea of the slow the curve, I wasn’t necessarily against. Right. But you know, 300 days later, I don’t think we still I don’t think we’re slowing the curve at this point.

Chad Christensen 17:25
Oh, yeah. I went to my doctor in June, and he was talking to you. And he knows who I am and legislature. And we started talking and I asked him, so do you think we’re across the curve now? And she always said, Absolutely. The counter is open Idaho backup, and, and that was in June?

Ed Bejarana 17:43
Well, and this goes to point number three, which is can’t restrict business commerce. You know, the governor without aid of the legislature’s made decisions. I mean, I’m sure he’s got people around him that are advising him, but we didn’t elect those people around him. We elected him. And we elected you. As voters of Idaho, we elected the the legislators to help with the decision making. We gave you the power of the purse spring, and we gave the governor power of the executive. But you guys are supposed to work together. And it just seems like there’s a complete collapse of coming together as a team. Why do you think that is?

Chad Christensen 18:30
Well, I think that it’s actually kind of a problem, I think. Because I mean, the past several years that there has been no difference between the executive branch and the legislative branch. We’ve all been one big branch and all these leadership has been on board with what the governor wants. We haven’t pushed back against anything that he is, you know, like, for example, this last this whole COVID situation. But I think that’s actually a downfall that we’ve had last few years of no one’s no challenge the governor or the executive branch. And we’re haven’t haven’t checked the executive branch and and we just count tail to the No, and do whatever they want.

Ed Bejarana 19:11
Well, you know, and I think it’s, it became complicated in Idaho, because we, we have all of these health districts. And they, they seem to have received carte blanche permission by the governor to impose these restrictions. So I kind of saw this Tell me, tell me if this didn’t kind of peer to you how the process was happening. The governor makes an emergency declaration and buys into the slow the curve approach. And then issues an edict that the health districts based on the fact that they’re closest to the local issues should be the ones making the recommendations and then to help districts immediately race out and start putting on these restrictions pointing to the governor as having just given them authorization And the governor saying it was already in the the constitution of the state of Idaho. So in essence it, yeah, the statute. So it was the legislature that actually gave it to him. And everybody now is just like pointing their fingers back and forth, rather than somebody stepping up and saying, No, legislature is in charge of the dollars. Health districts do not get to supersede the Constitution. And it it just feels like there’s nobody brave enough strong enough what the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, No, we can no longer take away the freedoms of Idahoans.

Chad Christensen 20:43
There’s very few of us over here, you know, 2023 or so of us, because our constitution mind is actually really established constitution, you know, majority of this legislative body don’t have five people. I mean, you know, there are a few that are better than others. Consciously minded, you know, the majority. Yeah, it’s pretty nice. Not very good. So,

Ed Bejarana 21:07
so I saved the last one, I saved the freedom of speech for last, because, to me, I think this is the most egregious Sure. And I’m going to use things that have been said over the last three weeks, roughly, when it was obvious that the legislature was working to end the emergency declaration. And the governor took to the airwaves, and basically said, the sky is gonna fall if you do this, the world will end in Idaho. Timber, it was a temperate? Absolutely, absolutely. It was

Chad Christensen 21:41
an immediate quote me on that.

Ed Bejarana 21:44
But you know, but what the media didn’t do is they didn’t share your sound reasoning, right here, right? Yes. All all they did was they they lead with the governor’s words, the sky is falling, right about two thirds of the way into the article, then they bring in your words that the governor is actually violating the Constitution. So from the standpoint of the peaceful assembly, as you raised as your first topic issue here, the governor has been getting the favor of them, the mainstream media, if you will, as as far as it goes, in the state of Idaho, and, and your words, the champion of the Constitution have kind of been buried on page two or well below the fold. Can you explain to the listeners how you feel the governor has violated the freedom of assembly clause for the constitution? And more specifically, how it should be addressed by the legislature?

Chad Christensen 22:44
Yeah. In the beginning there in this first part of the orders, he, you know, I know, there were certain gatherings that he you know, he said that he could not gather with as many people I mean, that’s still going on today. And, you know, actually, in beginning as well, he banned churches from meeting in total violation of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I think any any assembly is, is, you know, assembled to, to talk and to speak, and to put out, you know, viewpoints. And a lot of cases, I think, you know, but by doing that they shut down the freedom of speech. So, I mean, so, you know, the issue I have right now is also your schools, you know, for a long time now, you only allowed 10 spectators inside of high school to what to use sports. Another notion of freedom of assembly was probably a property,

Summer Bushnell 23:38
and I have a big problem with that one as a mom, right? Because I’m not going to leave you alone with my minor, minor child and watch it streaming, right. I’d be like, Oh, I’m sorry, we’re gonna have 11 here, especially, you know, my teenager, I could probably leave him alone more, but my nine year old, I’d be like, he has a health issue. And I’m going to be here. How are you going to accommodate me? So for me, I was like, This is not reasonable, depending on the age, you know,

Ed Bejarana 24:04
right. Well, and I think it goes a little bit even further than that, in that I remember as a kid participating in sports, the cheering of the crowd, is it was part of the game was part of the sport. That That made me try harder. It ingrained the lessons that I was gaining from the team activity. I was a wrestler, so you know, it wasn’t a team sport, but I was out there on the mat mano a mano, if you will, against my opponent. Hearing the the hundreds of people in the audience made all of the difference. I can’t imagine being an athlete in school. And there’s only 10 people in the stands, right? Oh, yeah, I

Chad Christensen 24:49
play baseball and I can imagine having a crowd you know, hit home run and and there’s no reaction. That would just be me. It’d be so weird. I couldn’t

Summer Bushnell 24:58
and I know appear with My nine year old, in Post Falls Post Falls Little League argued and argued and figured out a compromise with the city of Post Falls to have their game because they’re like, this is not a high contact sport. You know, it’s not football, right? You know? And if you need us to clean bathrooms or bring in porta potties, we will you know if that’s an issue with COVID. And so it was just really interesting, but I praise that volunteer board for pushing for that for our kids.

Ed Bejarana 25:30
Now that Chad helped me here, if in the listeners especially so the governor laid forth the restriction that you can’t have more than 10 spectators at school sports, did the governor lay forth any restrictions as to how many people Walmart could have in the store at one time?

Chad Christensen 25:51
No. Right?

Ed Bejarana 25:53
How about? How about Costco? Did did the governor laid forth any restrictions on how many people could go into Costco at one time?

Chad Christensen 26:01
No. So it’s funny, you know, all these restrictions didn’t apply to corporations only apply to small business and to sport, you know, to high school have answers for you to answer. Yeah, of course, it didn’t apply to these big corporations, which I believe is where most of these pressures coming from. I attribute it to agenda to kill small business. And I think it may be in line with that.

Summer Bushnell 26:22
Well, on what you mentioned earlier, Ed is like with his advisory board, he’s not talking with the Lieutenant Governor. I didn’t see any elected official of any kind on his advisory board. And where are they? They’re the big medical companies, the big corporations, and people that you can find on a centering report from the last decade and kind of what made me mad because I thought you can’t have all the legislators on your advisory be a little overwhelming to have 100 people trying to get their voice in. But I find if you have a couple people from this, and a couple people in the house, and then you do hospitals and businesses, that would make more sense. And so right from the start, I was a little suspicious of the motives.

Chad Christensen 27:03
I actually was a big player and all that supports, representing the big corporations and big hospitals. And so I think I could have been the driving force behind most of this. And, unfortunately,

Ed Bejarana 27:18
so So let me ask you another question here, Jeff. Back in DC, the President appoints an attorney general, to act as legal counsel to help him through the decisions. But here in the state of Idaho, the citizens, the voters elect the Attorney General. And as I understand the job description of the Attorney General, he he’s the one who checks the law for the benefit of the citizens and acts as our attorney for the state of Idaho.

Unknown Speaker 27:55
I’m laughing

Ed Bejarana 27:56
too, as as a representative who would want to receive legal counsel, can you share with us just a little bit about, I’m sure countless hours of session, where our current Attorney General for the state of Idaho has sat before you to highlight the errors of this process that has gone on for the last 10 months.

Chad Christensen 28:20
And you said before us and explain it to us? Right,

Ed Bejarana 28:23
right. Right. I mean, the many hours, the many hours, I’m sure you representatives have spent listening to the ag talk about how the COVID crisis is being managed in the state of Idaho. Now,

Chad Christensen 28:35
we have heard a word from except for when, of course, recently, he made a statement that if we end the order, that’s unconstitutional, because it’s not written in the Constitution. And it’s just it’s just so ludicrous. Because the same authority that gives the governor the authority to, to call an emergency, the same statute gives us ability to end it. So my his reasoning, the governor calling emergency would be unconstitutional as well.

Summer Bushnell 28:59
Well, and then I’ve been being a political nerd and looking through the health code, and what the health districts can do. And some of his orders cite stuff that have nothing to do or at least from my reading level and understanding. They have nothing to do with the Health District. No. And so that’s confusing, too. And I’m like, if the Attorney General wrote up this order, could not do a little more of a footnote to explain why this section of code applies to that. Because some of it, you read it as a layperson, you’re like, this doesn’t make

Chad Christensen 29:30
sense, right. And just to give you a little background, to me, most of the house doesn’t respect his opinions, because you always give us a jaded, liberal opinion. You know, if you have a bill and the chairman says, hey, go look at his opinion. Most of us will kind of chuckle whatever, I’ll do it just because you want me to. So we all know that he’ll give an opinion it’s, it’s not, you know, the Constitution or conservative Nature, but we’re just trying to be conservative. They’ve been constitutional. Yeah, most of us constitutional minded legislators, at least in most authority ones, they’re always picked as opinions for that reason. So,

Ed Bejarana 30:14
so let’s try to help the listeners understand the issues because it I think what happens too often in politics, is the the problems we face are over complicated, they’re conflated. And and they’re turned into theater. And what happens is the voters then just start to tune out, right? And they said, Well, that’s why I elected them. I’ll let them fight it out in Boise. In the last couple of minutes, we have on this episode, can you talk about how the voters can get involved, how the voters can get their voice heard, I’m sure Idahoans are tired of the constant drumming of the the stay home stay distance, don’t touch anybody. Don’t go to church, all of the restrictions, which I’m pretty confident in saying the constitution doesn’t grant the government the ability to restrict us, right. I’m pretty sure the Constitution is the other way around. Absolutely. To restrict government. But can you speak for just a moment how the public could get more involved, and how they could make your job of ending this never ending crisis?

Chad Christensen 31:32
facing the public? And do you know, I mean, petitions help, you know, assembly, you know, protests of the Capitol Building. So just so the legislators know, the people are a certain thing, and, you know, these these petitions this protest, you know, and, you know, the, the biggest thing that legislators respond to, are recalling emails, you know, for example, they get it. You know, 1000, you know, about one issue dip in the mailbox overnight? No, pay attention to that. I think just the people being involved that way, it goes a long ways, and people just kind of can become complacent and apathetic and don’t want to do that, I think more and more getting involved recently because of what’s been going on. But what’s the most effective? You know, please? For example, if I have a bill, okay, I’ll give an example. I have three bills, address health, health district’s power. And that is just repeal the law. And they’ll give them that power and works mandate and to enforce these mandates, but with the with the misdemeanor charge. So as we build an address that and get rid of that power, Chairman, we’re blocking those bills. So coming for so the capital, which I understand people can always come to capital, if the ones that can control can protest, Chairman would know, hey, you know, you’re wrong. Here, these bills, if it can do that, you know, send emails to him, call him. Just Just overwhelm him with emails and phone calls. That’s what really matters. I think that helps us that are constitutionally minded, and want to push things through and get things done. If you put that public pressure, it can be huge.

Summer Bushnell 33:15
And that’s something we can definitely do from way up in North Idaho.

Ed Bejarana 33:19
Right. Well, and and maybe maybe this is a little shameless plug here. But Idaho speaks exists to give voters a voice to give voters a direct access to our legislators to hear firsthand, from your voice from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, what is the struggles? What are the issues? And what are the things that you’re trying to do to help Idaho and so as you’re listening to this podcast, hit the share button, share this with your friends, give them an opportunity to hear from representative Christiansen firsthand. And Chad, I would invite you to come back on the podcast and share these issues that are being ignored by the chairman. Share the issues that are important you believe to the state of Idaho to Idahoans throughout, and and let’s continue the conversation. Yeah, that’d be great. So thank you for coming on. Chad. We really appreciate it. And we look forward to talking to you again soon. All right, we’ve, we’ve reached the end of the episode, but not the end of the issue. Please share this episode with your friends and family. If you have questions or would like to share your own issues and ideas, visit www dot Idaho and click share and issue your state your voice. Idaho speaks



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