Ammon Bundy Running for Idaho Governor


Ammon Bundy sits with David Worley to talk about his run to be the next Governor of Idaho.  Ammon talks about why he is running as an independent and the challenges Republicans are facing in Idaho and throughout America.

To learn more about Ammon Bundy and his campaign, please visit


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  1. Gloria Urwin on October 7, 2022 at 5:15 am

    Excellent interview! As always, Ammon nailed it with truth. I’ve been saying since the GOP Convention that Principle over Party is critical. To many officials at all levels are abusing the Republican name to keep RINOs in control. My District (20) is a prime example of what Ammon speaks of. Although I was elected as my Districts Precinct Committeeman, the Establishment made sure 3/RINO Career Politician incumbents in District 20 who are as far left as a “Democrat” were supported by many within the Republican Party. Three of us who ran against all three incumbents of District 20 ie: Gloria Urwin (me), Rosa Martinez, Mike Hon did not fit the agenda nor do we have ties with the establishment, we are too conservative.
    The same happened with the Sheriff’s run. Doug Traubel was an outstanding Constitutional Conservative who stands by his Oath to office & would have prevented overreach & unconstitutional mandates in Idaho. Doug lost because he would have protected the people therefore he was too conservative for the establishment. The same applies to the Lt Governor, Governor, Secretary of State & others who lost to RINOs because they were conservative candidates.
    Although Idaho had some great wins ie: AG Raul Labrador, the losses were greater & they will have a negative impact on Idaho, we are already seeing the effects, look no further than the most recent Governors Special Legislative Session & innocent people getting extreme sentences in our Courts. Look no further than all the Child Exploitation in Public Schools, Libraries & even at Public events! This will only get worse if people don’t remove the head of the problems ie:existing Governor & vote for Ammon Bundy. A Governor has a lot of power, he may not be able to make laws, but he can deter bad laws & he can weaken Federal Government control.
    I was born & raised in Idaho. I love Idaho & I am very concerned about its future. I am concerned for children & the people of Idaho, I am concerned about Idaho losing our resources to the point that it will never be restored. I am concerned that if people fail to get out & vote like they did during the primaries, we are going to lose Idaho. Idahoans must stand United November 8th, 2022 & get Ammon Bundy elected.

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David Worley is the SouthEast Idaho Host for Idaho Speaks.
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