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Human Life

By Ralph Ginorio | January 9, 2023

As the numbers of human beings on planet Earth proliferate, the way our society values human life is deteriorating. If we abandon the Judeo-Christian insistence that human life and human dignity are uniquely valuable, we will invite those who wield power to enslave us and eradicate what makes life worth living.

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Status of Conservatism in Idaho – Idaho Speaks Voters Voice Jan 6 2023

By Ed | January 6, 2023

Ed shares information from around the state of Idaho on the status of republican politics.  Dean from Sandpoint shares his recent editorial about the spirit of America and the importance…

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Chris with Mountain States Policy Center reviews the results of recent Idaho Poll

By Chris Cargill | January 5, 2023

MSPC President Chris Cargill talks about the results of the first Idaho Poll. Chris Cargill is the Founder, President and CEO of Mountain States Policy Center. Founded in 2022, Mountain…

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The Price Of A Lie

By Ralph Ginorio | January 2, 2023

It is sometimes thought that telling a lie merely harms the individual who is telling the lie, the silent witness who is abiding the lie, or the person who is…

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2023 News Year’s Resolution for Idaho Speaks

By Ed | December 30, 2022

Ed talks about Idaho Speaks moving into the year 2023 Ed gives a year end wrap-up for Idaho Speaks 2022 and looks ahead to 2023.  He shares the goal of the…

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Crypto and the Mark of the Beast

By Summer Bushnell | December 28, 2022

Summer and John talk about digital currency and how it relates to the mark of the beast mentioned in the Bible. This is a link to explain crypto: This is…

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