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The Test Of Any Teaching

By Ralph Ginorio | March 12, 2023

America’s educational leaders, the ones who set the tone for a critical mass of K-12 and university education, are the products of a very narrow schooling. Today’s pedagogy is rooted…

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Porn in Libraries

By Summer Bushnell | March 9, 2023
The Summer Bushnell Report Episode Cover Graphic

Summer and John discussed porn in libraries in Idaho and how they are being pushed to minors. Link to Idaho House Bill 139 – CHILDREN’S SCHOOL AND LIBRARY PROTECTION ACT…

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Vandals Of Memory

By Ralph Ginorio | March 7, 2023

Publishers are now engaged in desecrating our literature in the name of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”. Ian Fleming’s James Bond-007 novels are being rewritten so as not to offend today’s…

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Summer Bushnell Responds to Attack Calling Her Un-American

By Ed | March 6, 2023

Summer Bushnell sits with Idaho Speaks to respond to the CDA Press and Coeur d’Alene School District Superintendent Shon Hocker regarding his published statement from March 2, 2023 calling Summer…

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MRNA Vaccines

By Summer Bushnell | March 2, 2023
The Summer Bushnell Report Episode Cover Graphic

John and Summer discuss Idaho House bill 154 that would criminalize provide and administering a MNRA vaccine in Idaho. Link to Idaho House Bill 154:  Wikipedia on MRNA Vaccine:…

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A Selfish Caring

By Ralph Ginorio | February 28, 2023

Our Progressive, Liberal, and Democrat neighbors always proclaim at the top of their lungs that their ideals are rooted in caring. They speak and act as if no human ever…

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