The Kootenai Classical Academy Addressing Education Challenges


Conrad Woodall and Ed sits with Dr Kaitz to talk about education solutions and how The Kootenai Classical Academy is preparing to teach children.

The Kootenai Classical Academy is set to get its funding this month and break ground next month. Dr. Ed Kaitz is the chairman of the board for the school. This is a tuition free public charter school BUT it is using curriculum designed by Hillsdale College. It is a classical academy so it seeks to preserve and teach classical western education. Education will be taught as it was in previous generations where students will study philosophy, our founders, the federalist papers and read the great books of literature that are no longer taught in public schools. The bible is read as a historical text, cursive is taught, students learn greek and latin starting in 6th grade so that they can understand the foundations of language. They will be open for classes fall of 2023 but the lottery for students will happen in January. They will have a ground breaking ceremony coming up in early December and our close to naming the new school leader so there is a lot to mention but the this is a real solution for kids in our community to escape the indoctrination camps they call public schools. 

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