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My name is Ed Bejarana. I own and operate Zenith Exhibits, Inc., a small marketing firm located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since 1992 I have been working against big tech censorship and advocating for conservative principals. Originally born in San Jose, California; I left the liberal bastion to serve my country in the United States Army.

After the army I met my wife, Kay, are we moved to Oregon to flee the marxist efforts of California. At the time Oregon was more conservative than California…but that quickly changed. So my wife and once again picked up stakes and moved to Idaho.

While in Oregon, I worked on several political campaigns for people including Mike Huckabee, Alan Alley, and helped get local representatives, mayors, and city council members elected to office. Throughout the process I worked to create a communication platform that was not prone to being shutdown by the liberal establishment.

In 2017 I learned about the power of podcasting and started researching how to utilize the media to create censorship proof communication channels to help promote important conservative issues. I also saw Google working to censor regular businesses with whom they disagreed and felt podcasting could become a vehicle to help connect regular business people with new customers. Since mid-2019 I’ve been working to develop Zenith Exhibits Studios to do just that. is the next in what will be a series of podcast productions dedicated to local and state issues. As we witnessed in the 2020 Presidential Election, it is not the best ideas that win national elections, it is the candidates whom the people counting the votes support. So I am starting a one man crusade to return local and state positions to the conservative Judeo Christian values that made this nation what it is.

Unlike the national podcast counterpart, Conservatives’ Guide to American Politics, will focus exclusively on local and Idaho state issues. We’ll work with Central Committees throughout the state to hear first hand from Precinct Committee Members and Conservatives Candidates running for office the issues that are important to voters in Idaho.

Too often good conservatives are shut out of the process because they only have local media to carry their message. Now every citizen in Idaho can hear first hand, in the voice of the candidates and citizens of Idaho the issues that are critical to our long term success and prosperity. is not a non-profit endeavor and any financial support you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please visit our Support the Program page and make any size contribution you feel comfortable making. You can also help by subscribing to the podcast and sharing with your fellow Idahoans. Lastly, please support the sponsors of the program as they are putting their name out in the ecosphere are a conservative willing to put their money and reputation on the line to support freedom of speech.

Together we can finish what President Trump started and Make America Great Again.

Thank you!



I am a Christian, husband, conservative, small business owner, dog lover, and fellow Idahoan. I believe in freedom of speech and the idea of American Exceptionalism. It is my cause to fight Big Tech and Mass Media censorship and create a media where conservatives ideas and voices can be freely heard.
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