Coeur d’Alene School District Number – Does This Seem Reasonable?


Public School Review published student enrollment and performance data for schools across America.  While reviewing the vote no on the CDA School Levy material, I felt compelled to write the blog article with these questions.

1. Does it make sense that class size is less than 20 students per teacher?

When I went to public school, my average class size was 35.  Sure that was back in the 70’s and 80’s, but since I have a good paying job and all the trappings of a successful American life, why change the formula?

Looking at the math proficiency rating, I arrive at my second question.

2. Is it acceptable that only 50% of the students achieved an proficient rating in mathematics?

So class size is smaller, but only half of the students are proficient in math?  How the heck can anyone consider that a successful education model?  Is that performance worth the extra $20 million a year?  Mathematics is an essential skill for life success…if our schools are not preparing 5,500 students per year to succeed, then what are we paying for?  

But wait, it get’s better!

3. Is it acceptable that only 50% of the students achieved a proficient rating in reading?

Again, class sizes are 19.5 students per teacher (based on the math) and only half of the students are learning how to read?  

Next time someone asks you why you oppose the school levy, point to these numbers they published.  Half of the 11,000 students they are teaching can not perform to standards in math or reading.  If it takes removing a large chunk of money from their budget to get their attention, then so be it.  I think we need to pull apart our current education system and re-evaluate what we did 30 years ago versus what we are doing today.  Then we can talk about raising the budget.  Sound fair?

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