Why Is It Hard To Challenge Governor Little?

Gov Brad Little is fighting to keep absolute power over Idaho.  I have to ask why?  Since when did it become fashionable for a conservative politician to go it alone?  Since when did it become socially acceptable to shut down involvement by the legislative branch of government?  In today’s episode we’ll explore Gov Littles position…


Panhandle Health District Takes Up Mask Mandates, Again

Summer Bushnell from the Bushnell Report visits Idaho Speaks to discuss the Panhandle Health District’s upcoming meeting where additional mask mandates may take place.  Summer presents information that is typically not permitted at the meetings because of covid-19 meeting restrictions.  Ed and Summer discuss various issues as they related to government mandates versus citizen rights.…


Idaho State Legislature House Bill Number 1 – Relating to the State Disaster Preparedness Act and the Governors Powers

This episode addresses the Idaho House of Representatives bill working through congress right now, H.R. 001 would limit the Governors Power during times of Emergency.  I’ll play the governors response to the legislator’s actions along with thoughts from the President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Wayne Hoffman.  Then I’ll share with you my own thoughts…


Todd Banducci – North Idaho College Trustee

There is a case brewing at North Idaho College in the Board of Trustees.  Trustee Christy Woods has written a public letter calling for the resignation of Trustee Chairman Todd Banducci.  Right now this is a case of he-said / she-said, but the way the media is reporting it making Mr Banducci sound like quite…


Californication of Idaho?

There has been a TV show made about the topic, a fancy long-hair word published about the topic, and lots of newspaper articles…most important, you are talking about all the Californian’s who are moving to our beloved Idaho.  In today’s episode we’ll discuss the issue and what we, as citizens of Idaho, can do to…


IdahoSpeaks.com a new platform for bypassing big tech censorship

My name is Ed Bejarana. I own and operate Zenith Exhibits, Inc., a small marketing firm located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since 1992 I have been working against big tech censorship and advocating for conservative principals. Originally born in San Jose, California; I left the liberal bastion to serve my country in the United States…

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