About Idaho Speaks

At Idaho Speaks, our primary objective is to provide an unbiased platform that promotes open conversation, bridging the gap between citizens and their elected officials. We strive to challenge the current discourse environment that seems increasingly dominated by cancel culture and woke ideology, sentiments which often stifle productive dialogue.

As a statewide voter information outlet, we aim to break the monopoly of mainstream media that often leans towards promoting a progressive, socialist agenda. We will serve as a fair platform where conservatives are no longer mislabeled as domestic terrorists but recognized for the informed citizens that they are.

Our goal is to ensure that every Republican, or indeed any individual willing to engage in an open dialogue, finds a receptive audience on Idaho Speaks. We believe in the importance of direct interaction with the electorate, a pivotal factor in fostering a well-informed democratic society.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that party affiliations can be fluid, and it's not uncommon for Democrats to register as Republicans in Idaho. However, we uphold the transformative power of transparent conversation. We are convinced that any individual, regardless of their political leanings, cannot hide their fundamental beliefs for long. By keeping the conversation going, we aim to offer voters all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Our doors are always open to those who are passionate about specific issues. We are eager to hand over the microphone to them, ensuring their voices are heard. We've made it easy and accessible; whether via Zoom or a simple phone call, our platform enables everyone to participate without the need to travel to Coeur d’Alene.

Additionally, if you're a candidate running for office, we welcome you to our program. We aspire to facilitate an open discourse between candidates and voters, further promoting transparency and informed decisions.

In essence, Idaho Speaks commits to serving as a platform fostering healthy debate, promoting transparency, and ensuring that every voice in Idaho is heard.

God Bless,

Ed Bejarana
Producer and Host