About Idaho Speaks

Main Stream Media, for too long, has been allowed to silence conservative voices.  Idaho Speaks exists to fight that pattern.

Idaho Speaks is a private organization dedicated to supporting conservative values and conservative candidates running for local and state office seats.  With studios in Coeur d'Alene and Pocatello and soon Boise and Lewiston, we are working to become the largest conservative media channel in Idaho.

Why?  For three decades I have watched liberal biased media outlets malign and slander republican candidates for holding political ideas that are not liberal or progressive.  Conservative thought is under constant assault in America and throughout Idaho...it must be countered.

Our typical nature, as conservatives, is to turn the other cheek.  Because main stream media and big tech controls the access to public airwaves, republicans have no alternative means of reaching the voters.

Every election for the last 30 years has followed the same pattern...about 60 days out from the election the republican is shut out from the media and is attacked mercilessly and unfairly in the media.  Republicans don't have any means of retaliating against the smears and lies.  The media refuses to report.

The media now doesn't wait for elections to attack republicans, they run year-round smear campaigns and leave republicans no means of self defense.

I am tired of this unfair treatment and Idaho Speaks is my retaliation!

It is my goal to create the largest republican media outlet int he state of Idaho.  Republican candidates are NEVER charged a fee to come on a talk and share their ideas.  The voters will always be able to tune into Idaho Speaks and hear the candidates share their vision in plain spoken language in a friendly conversation.

Idaho Speaks does not interview democrats or progressives...we only interview republicans and publicly stated conservatives.  Some are confused by this approach...why fight censorship with censorship?  If republican ideas are better, shouldn't they be able to stand up to debate?  Yes they can and do, but first republicans must be given a fair chance to reach the public with their message.  Main Stream media already gives an unfair advantage to democrats in the press, so Idaho Speaks does not need to give them anymore air time.

Idaho Speaks does not take sides or endorse candidates.  We are a conservative internet radio talk show dedicated to giving you, the Idaho Voter, a personal view of the candidate.

Issues are important and we'll debate anyone.  On issues, Idaho Speaks will take sides...we will fight against Progressive Activism and the attempted take over of the state.  Issues near and dear to Idaho Speaks include Education, Agriculture, Development, Commerce, Personal Liberty, and Judicial Activism--just to name a few.

If you are running for office or have an issue you, click be a guest on the show and we'll get you scheduled.  We can record session live, via telephone, or over the internet.

How can you help?

Subscribe to Idaho Speaks on any of the podcast distribution channels:  Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Listen Notes, Pandora Radio, and any where else podcast content can be downloaded.

Share Idaho Speaks with your friends and family in email and on social media.

Make a small contribution to support our efforts.  Visit the Support the Show page and pledge a small amount to help pay for time, hosting, and fees to run such a media company.  It is our goal to keep advertisement to a minimum and through a listener supported model we can keep things focused on the candidates and issues and not the funds from advertisers.

Are you a republican running for office?  We'd love to have you on the program to talk about your platform and ideas for our state and community.  Visit our Be a Guest page to request a recording session with one of our hosts.

Are you a community leader and want to talk about an important issue?  Click on the Be Our Guest link and we'll get you on the program to talk directly with the voters.

Help Idaho Speaks become the media outlet that brings main stream media back into check!  Help us use the power of the Idaho Consumer to force newspapers and TV stations throughout the state to return to fair journalism.  They will only make a change when competition forces them too--and you tuning in to Idaho Speaks is the competition main stream media fears.