About Idaho Speaks

Are you tired of the cancel culture and woke ideology?  Me too!  Idaho Speaks is my effort to combat the anti-American behavior of so many people who seek to win the argument of ideas by silencing their opponent.

Mainstream media, even small local newspapers, place publishing priority on promoting the progressive, socialist agenda.  They don’t even hide their bias anymore.  But when you and I stand up and say something, they call us domestic terrorists.  No more!  Enough is enough.

Republicans can speak their mind, as is their God given right as an American.  All Republicans are welcome on Idaho Speaks.  You can have your say and speak directly with the voters.

I am not naïve to the practice of democrats registering as republicans in Idaho…but I believe in the power of conversation.  A democrat pretending to be a republican still shows their progressive tendencies.  Keep ‘em talking long enough and the voter will get all the information they need.

It would surprise you to learn just how many registered republicans are afraid to talk with Idaho Speaks.  It is almost like they know how the process works and they are not confident enough in their own skin to sit down and talk for fear they will make a mistake.  On Idaho Speaks in 2022, podcast episodes reached over 456,000 people…one would think a political leader would WANT to reach those people?

2023 is a new year, and I am committed to continuing our quest to make sure we hear every Republican.  I need your help!

We need people to help interview candidates running for office.

We need voters to give their opinions on important issues.

We need financial support to bring this medium to Idaho.

Would you like to become a host on Idaho Speaks?  Call Ed at (208) 209-7170.

Do you have something to say and would like to syndicate your own podcast on Idaho Speaks?  Call Ed at (208) 209-7170.

Are you concerned about an issue?  Be a guest and we’ll give you the mic to share your views.  No need to come to Coeur d’Alene. We can interview you via Zoom or right over the telephone.

Idaho Speaks is a private business and we keep any contributions to support the effort confidential.  Your support helps pay for expensive digital recorders, editing software, hosting fees and subscriptions required to produce such a program.

Are you running for office?  Be our guest on the program.

Lots of candidates ask for editorial review before the episode goes live.  Nope, not gonna happen on Idaho Speaks.  When you come to an interview, once the interview is done, we will ask if you were ok with how the interview went.  If you say it was not fair, then we will delete the audio and pretend the interview never happened.  But once you confirm the interview was fair, then the audio is published.

We do not edit for shock value, or rearrange your words to make you look bad.  We don’t have that kind of time; we recorded over 140 episodes in 2022!  We edit out the extra noises and white space, clean up the sound quality and hit publish.  The voters will hear your words as you spoke them.

If you run a republican group and refuse to allow your candidates to interview on Idaho Speaks, then you are the problem!  I am done chasing you and asking you to bring your candidates to Idaho Speaks.  456,000+ episode interactions in 2022!  I need not say anymore.  Lead your group as you see fit.  Drive your candidates into the ground.  To those candidates who are told by some trusted republican friend, “don’t go on Idaho Speaks”, I suggest you get new friends!  There are over 60,000 of them tuning in each month here in Idaho Speaks.

To Idaho Speaks listeners.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for sharing these episodes.  To the people in Boise who told candidates, “I will not vote for you until you are interviewed on Idaho Speaks”—THANK YOU!!!

As a media company, my goal is to keep Idaho a conservative, and very republican state.

God Bless

Ed Bejarana
Producer and Host