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By Ralph Ginorio | May 29, 2023

The last thing that young Black men and women need is more Liberal compassion, and the “free money” it provides. Instead of Reparations, poor people need a new system of…

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Professor John Reese from North Idaho College Sits with Idaho Speaks

By Ed | May 29, 2023

John Reese, an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Political Science Social and Behavioral Sciences Division, sits with Idaho Speaks to give an inside look at the education at Other…

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Creeping Third Worldism

By Ralph Ginorio | May 22, 2023

We are being acclimatized to the introduction of Third World dysfunction into American society. What is being prepared for all of us is being pioneered in San Francisco, California. The…

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Shattered Innocence: The Lori Vallow Daybell Case and Its Unprecedented Impact on Idaho’s Justice System

By Ed | May 22, 2023

The Lori Vallow Daybell case has left an unprecedented mark on Idaho’s legal history. Daybell, guilty of murdering her children, faced an unexpected decision by Judge Steven Boyce to remove the death penalty option. This extraordinary move, influenced by significant discovery violations by the prosecution, raises questions about the future of Idaho’s judicial system. The case underscores the importance of robust defense preparation and respectful community dialogue, despite the shock and grief inflicted by such heinous crimes. In the face of adversity, it reminds us of our potential for unity, understanding, and a shared commitment to justice.

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Election Results – May 16th – 2023

By Summer Bushnell | May 19, 2023

Summer and John discuss the results of the May 16th Election for Kootenai County. Here is the link for the Give Send Go account for Summer’s Legal Defense –…

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Unmasking Idaho – A Journey Through Valor, Nature, and Community Resilience

By Ed | May 16, 2023

Today, we reflect on the Peace Officers Memorial Day, paying tribute to our brave heroes who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. We’ll also delve into Idaho’s proactive measures against wildfire threats,…

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