fastest internet providers in Pennsylvania

fastest internet providers in Pennsylvania

When you’re looking for internet services in Pennsylvania you have a wealth of companies to choose from. When selecting services a key feature many buyers look for is internet speed. With several enhancements occurring in online services and features (such as streaming services) speed is critical to enjoying online services. What follows is a brief overview of some of the more well known vendors available in Pennsylvania, as always be sure to check for availability in your area.

Time Warner Cable: TWC is a well known service however, they often rate poorly due to speeds not matching up to competitors and a slow service upgrade cycle in terms of industry advancements. In terms of internet offerings their lowest tier offering is 2 Mbps download with the highest tier measuring at a maximum speed of 50 Mbps for downloads. While their higher tiers are of perfectly functional for the modern internet their lower offerings are simply not fast enough. They are also outdone on overall top speed by other cable internet providers such as Comcast.

Xfinity: offered by Comcast Xfinity is also cable based internet much like Time Warner Cable. Comcast’s offerings offer a wide range of speed choices. The lowest speed tiers rate at 6Mbps download speeds with the highest measuring at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. In terms of overall speed they offer some of the fastest speeds among cable internet providers however, the newer FiOS technology often surpases them on terms of speed.

Verizon: finally, there is FiOS offered by Verizon. FiOS is among the cutting edge of internet service technologies. When it comes to overall speed Verizon FiOS is among the fastest internet providers in Pennsylvania. Their services offer a range of speeds from 25/25 Mbps all the way to 500/500 Mbps far faster than the top speeds offered by their competitors. While the speed options available to you can vary based on location even the lowest FiOS speeds compare well to competitor offerings.


As you can see when considering an internet service provider FiOS Internet in PA offers the greatest amount of speed available along with cutting edge technology and several different speed tiers. If its available in your area FiOS by far offers the most speed available for internet services among its competitors.